Analysis unit

Cochl. Sense API charges per Analysis Unit (AU).

One AU is 15 second of audio of a same session that has been inferenced.

For one session

  • inferencing between 1 and 15 seconds of audio will be billed as 1 AU.
  • inferencing 16 seconds of audio will be billed 2 AU.

Price per analysis unit

One analyzed unit is costing $0.003

Reduce billing

By default, all audio that is being sent to Cochl. servers are being inferenced.


It is possible to apply Smart-Filtering on the server. Smart-filtering will allow the server to analyze the audio quickly.

In case the audio is obviously not containing any useful data (for instance in case of noise), the audio will not be inferenced. As the audio was not inferenced it will not be billed.

If the audio was registered in the context of a closed room which is mostly silent, Smart-Filtering can filter up to 90% of the audio being inferenced.

Note that some events might have been detected by inferencing, but filtered out by Smart-Filtering. In case of critical use-case where no events can be missed, smart-filtering is not recommanded.